The Donovan Family's European Sabbatical, 2000-2001

Brian Donovan, Professor of English at Bemidji State University (in northern Minnesota, USA), writes:

I was on sabbatical leave for the academic year 2000-2001, and I and my wife and our three children took advantage of this opportunity to spend a year in Europe: ten weeks of summer touring the British isles, followed by nine months' residence in Greece.  This site is a journal of our travels and experiences, illustrated with our photographs.  I uploaded the journal and pictures in installments at irregular intervals throughout the year.

This site is intended for our extended family and friends, for my faculty colleagues and my students, and for our children's elementary-school classmates and their teachers.  (We home-schooled our children for the year.)

Note that almost all of the pictures are "thumbnailed":  that is, you first encounter a small version, but clicking on it leads you to the full-sized version, sixteen times bigger and correspondingly more detailed.

Journal Entries:

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