I regularly teach a range of courses in ecology and botany as well as Introductory Biology. Based on demand, I have also offered courses such as multivariate statistics for ecological data, and an Honors seminar.  Here’s what I regularly teach, and when:

  • BIOL 1400  Cellular Principles (Fall)
  • BIOL 2610  General Ecology (Winter/Spring)
  • BIOL 3720  Plant Form & Function (Winter/Spring)
  • BIOL 3930  Dendrology (Fall)
  • BIOL 3623/5623  Forest Ecology (Fall – alternate years, 2020…)
  • BIOL 3730/5730  Plant Diversity (Fall – alternate years, 2021…)
  • BIOL 4894/4895  Advanced Research Project (Either semester, by arrangement)
  • BIOL 6350  Computer Applications in Statistics (Winter/Spring) Co-taught with Dr. Hafs