Graduate Students


Kayla Snell: Fitting models of tree mortality from permanent forest plot data.

Ellen Frondorf: Effects of fire on pine and oak regeneration in Shenandoah National Park.  Ellen’s fieldwork was funded by the 2017 Shenandoah National Park Trust Research Grant.

Mindy Phillips: Bark stability and lichen cover on trees in north central Minnesota.


Trista Montgomery: An investigation of seasonal environmental stressors in two Pinus strobus canopies (Spring 2019).

Jaime Thibodeaux: Testing a forest ecology model in northern Minnesota (Fall 2017).

Bryce Olson: Measurement and Modeling of Thermal Landscape for Moose at Voyageurs National Park. (In collaboration with the National Park Service.) (Fall 2013). Bryce works as a biological technician at Voyageurs National Park.

Matt Coyle: Anatomical analysis of hydraulic constraints on tree height in Pinus strobus. (Spring 2013). Matt and John Kamman presented their work in a joint poster at the 2008 ESA meeting in Milwaukee.

John Kamman: Physiological correlates of water transport constraints on height growth in white pine. (Summer 2008). John is currently working at a non-profit field science and cultural exchange organization called Ecology Project International.

Gary Swanson: Monitoring the effects of prescribed fire in the restoration of native plant communities at Sherburne N.W.R. (Spring 2008). Gary presented his work as a poster at the 2008 ESA meeting in Milwaukee. Gary continues to work as the silviculturalist for the Chippewa National Forest.

John Snyder: Landscape simulation modeling of upland forests in Voyageur’s National Park. (Spring 2005). John gave a talk on part of this work at the 2005 ESA meetings in Montreal, and at the 2005 Minnesota GIS/LIS Conference in St. Cloud, MN. John currently works as the Plant Ecologist and GIS specialist for Voyageurs National Park.

Robert Shoemaker: The effects of a prescribed burn in a reestablished prairie on a monarch butterfly population. (Fall 2003).