Master Of Science – Mathematics                                             

This degree is intended for middle level and secondary school teachers of mathematics. The focus is on providing greater subject depth and advanced instructional methodologies. Students are offered a curriculum which is appropriate to both their individual needs and their needs relating to classroom instruction.

Preparation Requirements: Applicants should have a licensed undergraduate teaching major or minor in mathematics.

Course Work Requirements
I. Required Core

ED 6100 Educational Research (3 credits)
ED 6107
Advanced Educational Psychology (3 credits)
MATH 6050 Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom (3 credits)            

II. Required Mathematics Elective Courses
Select at least 12 credits from
STAT 5650 Probability and Statistics for Secondary Teachers (4 credits)
MATH 6350 Abstract Algebra for Secondary Teachers (3 credits)
MATH 6450 Foundations of Calculus (3 credits)
MATH 6550 Geometry for Secondary Teachers (3 credits)
Mathematics content courses numbered MATH 5210 to MATH 5820 as approved by advisor
Other mathematics content courses approved by advisor                               

III. Required Mathematics Pedagogy Elective Courses
Select at least 9 credits from
CS 6420 Classroom Integration of Computer Software (3 credits)
MATH 5054 Math Activities for the Junior High/Middle School Classroom (3 credits)
MATH 5056 Math Activities for the Secondary Classroom (3 credits)
MATH 6150 Secondary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint (3 credits)
Other mathematics pedagogy courses approved by advisor                   

IV. Required Portfolio Evaluation and Research
Note: Assessment in the Math Classroom should be taken prior to the collection of evidence for the pedagogical portfolio.
MATH 6055 Pedagogical Portfolio Evaluation (0 credits)                                   

Note: Consult with advisor before registration for MATH 6980.
MATH 6980 Graduate Research Paper (2 credits)

Total Semester Credits Required for Degree 32 Credits

Competency Requirement
Computer Application of Statistics: Completion of MATH 6050 Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom, with a grade of "B" or better, or the equivalent as approved by the department.