Mathematics Lesson Plan


Overview: Your lesson plan should include the specific Minnesota State Math Standard(s) or NCTM Standard(s) you are addressing.  You should also briefly explain the various learning opportunities you are going to lead the students through in order to reach the standard(s) you have previously identified as the goal of this lesson/unit.  You should identify one or more sample MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) question(s) that your students will be able to successfully answer because of this lesson/unit being taught to them.


1.         Standard(s): Each lesson should begin with the objective (related to MN Standards) of the lesson.

2.         Launch:  This is where the teacher sets the context of the problem or activity being worked on this day.  This involves making sure the students clearly understand the mathematical context and the mathematical challenge of the day’s activities.

3.         Explore:  This is the time where the students get to work in pairs, individually, or as a class to solve problems presented by the lesson.

4.         Share: This occurs when most of the students have made sufficient progress toward solving the problem presented with today’s lesson.  It is during this phase that the students learn how others approached the problem and possible solution routes.  Helps students deepen their understanding of the mathematical ideas presented in the day’s lesson.

5.         Summarize:  During this phase the teacher concludes the lesson by clearly stating what the main idea was in the lesson, being sure to clear up any confusion that may arise during the “share” segment.  Helps students focus their understanding of the mathematical ideas presented in the lesson.


Remember to include appropriate citations and scans of game boards and other manipulatives.  If in doubt then include a citation.  Also remember the unit does not have to be tied to a specific text.