Brian and Anastasia Donovan’s Sabbatical Trip to Crete, 2012–2013

Brian Donovan, Professor of English at Bemidji State University (in northern Minnesota, USA), writes:

I shall be on sabbatical leave for the academic year 2012–2013, doing philological research on the ancient Greek rhetorician/pamphleteer Isocrates; and I and my wife Anastasia (“Stas”) shall reside the while on the north coast of Crete, with occasional travels elsewhere in Greece. This site is a journal of our travels and experiences, illustrated with our photographs.

Almost all of the pictures are made to display on the text pages at a fraction of their full size, but the full-size images are immediately accessible to view or download (e.g., in Windows/Firefox, right-click on any image and choose “View Image” in the resulting menu box).

Journal Entries:

Dive Log:

Note on orthography, transliteration, and pronunciation of Modern Greek

Greek names and words are generally given here in the Western or Roman alphabet, with an acute accent marking the stressed or accented syllable, as it generally does in written Modern Greek (in lower or mixed case, anyhow). This marking is the more necessary since in this matter Greek routinely violates the expectations of English speakers—expectations shaped by Latin rules that Greek has always ignored. For example, the name of the village where we have taken an apartment is Panormo, which looks like it should be pronounced Panórmo since the -rm- cluster makes the next-to-last syllable “long by position,” and thus accented, per the Latin system; but in Greek it is actually Pánormo, and so written here. On maps you will more often find the name rendered Panormos and/or Πάνορμος (or “Panormus” in Latin-labeled maps as early as the 16th century, as I discovered in the Maritime Museum of Crete). This is the nominative form, but the accusative form is used on highway signs and in most other contexts and so is used here, as likewise Réthymno for Réthymnon, Iráklio for Iráklion, etc.

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