Muriel B. Gilman, Ph.D.

Department of Physical Education, Health and Sport

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Professional background BSU Human Performance Lab Contact information:

Phone: 218-755-2740

Fax: 218-755-3898


Office:   PE 218

I am on a sabbatical leave during academic year 2008-2009.  If you need to contact me, please send an email message.



Exercise and Sport Science Cross Country Skiing

Current Bemidji Area Trail Report

Research Personal Interests


PHED 3300 Physiology of Exercise and Nutrition PHED 6200 Applied Physiology and Nutrition
PHED 4160 Personal Trainer:  Aerobic Exercise PHED 3789 Principles of Strength Training
PHED 1240  Techniques of Neuromuscular Relaxation HLTH 3300  Nutrition